General Information

All of our products, including very long lines, are shipped via ground service within the continental U.S. Overnight delivery is available, please inquire.

If your order arrives in damaged condition, it is your responsibility to contact the carriers office nearest you to inspect the damage. After a damage claim has been filed, the order can be reshipped.

Longer lines may require a shipping bend. These large radius shipping bends are easily removed and do not constitute damage by the carrier.

Note: We are unable to ship to PO Boxes.

Shipping Times

Please note we operate on the standard Business Week of Monday through Friday. Shipments are prepared throughout the day, however the last pickup happens at 4:00 PM EST. Orders placed after this time will not be shipped until the following day.

If that day is a weekend, then the order will not ship until the next Business Day. In the event of a holiday, orders may not ship out until the next Business Day.

Please be aware of this when ordering; we do not offer 'rushed processing'. Do NOT pick a shipping time that cannot be handled.

Delivery Dates

Please note that once a shipment has left our facility, we are no longer responsible for the actual delivery date. We will make every effort to assist you in tracking, but we can't "make it [the delivery] happen".

Note: Refunds due to late delivery times, that occurred outside of our control, are not subject to full or partial refunds on Shipping.


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