Coming Soon: New Prebent Brake and Fuel Lines for the 2015 Dodge Challenger Hellcat!

Improve Braking and Fuel Distribution with New Prebent Stainless Steel Lines from SSTubes.

The 2015 Challenger Hellcat is about to get all new prebent lines. We are measuring lengths and calculating all the bends we need to get from the brake master cylinder to the calipers and the rear differential. The new stainless steel lines will be engineered to fit like factory brake lines but are an upgrade from the OEM brakes. The process is the same as we measure and fit our new prebent hard fuel lines, brake hoses, and the QuickFix fuel lines.

Get ready to improve your Hellcat’s braking and fuel systems with these upgraded stainless lines and hoses designed with an OEM like fit. SSTubes is your one stop shop for prebent brake lines, fuel lines, hoses, and more.

Stay tuned!

2015 Dodge Challenger Hellcat brake Lines, Fuel Lines

2015 dodge challenger

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